How to delay the changes of navbar when going to another view?

I’m using [Native Page Transitions][1] for a couple of “special” transitions (slide up) in a determinate view.

To avoid the default transition animation, I stop the regular animation programmatically before $state.go

    			    disableAnimate: true
$state.go('app.browser', {externalURL: link.href});

then, in my controller I choose the animation I want with $ionicView.beforeEnter

$scope.$on('$ionicView.beforeEnter', function() {/ animate things on devices
                    function (msg) { 
                        console.log("success: " + msg);
                    function (msg) {
                        alert("error: " + msg);

It works but I see how the contents of <ion-nav-buttons> <ion-nav-title> changes before the animation gets triggered. Is there a way to delay this change?

I can control the speed of my animation, so if I can delay the change of contents then I can put it in the middle of the transition.