How to debug app scripts, postprocess failing


Recently my App startet to not build anymore for production. First it was sporadically like 2 times failing, but then working. Now it does not seem to work anymore. It runs until postprocess and then ends without an error.

$ ionic cordova build android --prod --release -- --buildConfig=build.json
[INFO] Running app-scripts build: --prod --platform android --target cordova

[12:03:05]  build prod started ...
[12:03:05]  clean started ...
[12:03:05]  clean finished in 100 ms
[12:03:05]  copy started ...
[12:03:05]  ngc started ...
[12:03:53]  ngc finished in 48.27 s
[12:03:53]  preprocess started ...
[12:03:53]  deeplinks started ...
[12:04:03]  deeplinks finished in 9.71 s
[12:04:03]  optimization started ...
[12:04:05]  copy finished in 60.17 s
[12:04:50]  optimization finished in 47.05 s
[12:04:50]  preprocess finished in 56.76 s
[12:04:50]  webpack started ...
[12:06:04]  webpack finished in 74.17 s
[12:06:04]  sass started ...
[12:06:04]  uglifyjs started ...
[12:06:07]  sass finished in 2.99 s
[12:06:07]  cleancss started ...
[12:06:12]  cleancss finished in 4.56 s
[12:07:54]  uglifyjs finished in 110.14 s
[12:07:54]  postprocess started ...

Does anyone have an idea where I can look for more information?


I too am having this problem. It built fine last week but now it won’t get past the postprocess started as he’s shown above


I have also the same problem. Still no solution for this?


How do I recreate the issue? Can someone upload a sample project?



I ended up downgrading app-scripts from 2.1.4 to 2.1.3
When I did this the project ran fine and I could build a production app


If you could tell me how I could get errors printed out, I could look into create a sample.