How to deactivate touch scrolling in an Ionic app?

I started making an app thinking It would be a mobile app, but now It’s a desktop/web app.
I need to disable touch scrolling in my app, and that It behaves like a regular desktop/web app.
How can I do it?

PD: I want to start again with another framework, but In this moment I don’t have time.

The lack of a scroll property on ion-content is a curious omission. I have been getting around it for the moment with a no-scroll class I apply to the ion-content selector depending on whether I want its content to scroll or not (usually not, because mobile app).

.no-scroll {
    .scroll-content {
        overflow: hidden !important;

Not extensively tested, but working for me until it doesn’t.

I’ve “solved” it with:

But now I’m having another problem.
“selects” are not working well on Chrome for Android.

I’m thinking starting from scratch with Angular Material. That’s what happens when you ignore warnings.

Oh, didn’t realize you were talking ionic 1. I am working with ionic 2 rc.0. :slight_smile: