How to custom text color - Toast

Hi all,
I am doing example: show a Toast with massage: “Tap Chart button to open chart view.”.
I want change color of “Chart” word to blue, others is still black color.
I search some where but have not looked out solution.

In the scss file create the css required i.e:

 .toastcorrect {  > div{  background-color:green !important; color:white !important; } }

but make sure this is outside the page level (i.e. put it at bottom of page).

The in the ts page - call the toast:

let toast = this.toastCtrl.create({
  message: message,
  duration: 2000,
  position: 'bottom',
  cssClass: "toastcorrect"

Hi jar19

i have tried your way . Only background color is changing not the font color.

any idea to change the font color ?

Sorry - you are right it does not change the text - looking at the html the toast has two divs’ below the one that changes the background.

But How can we change the font color using css class ?

I look out this one:
But it is just change all message, not a word.