How to create round marker and write something inside circle in ionic 3 google map?



Please see above image. I want to show custom marker on google map. And also I want to write something dynamically within or on marker. How to do it in ionic 3 google map.

Thanks for your help.


Can you please check this below url, may be it will helpful for you.


This is 30% similar. Actually sometime I need to show profile photo within marker and sometime to show text within marker circle.


Please check this one.


Yes, It seems the correct one that I was thinking. I am also exploring the link

But I need it in ionic 3


Although this is already enough old thread, some people still searching the answer.

If ionic 3 google map indicates @ionic-native/google-maps, @bosh2090’s first answer is the correct.
Because @ionic-native/google-maps does not support OverlayView class.

While if ionic 3 google map indicates Google Maps JavaScript API v3, @bosh2090’s second answer is correct.