How to create round cornered card

How can a card be made round cornered with the help of CSS?

Any sample code will be very helpful.

This is a pure CSS matter.

Maybe try this, it worked for us :

.card { border-radius : 5px; } /* or any amount you want */
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you can add this in your div card class=“card rounded”…

@anicacute09 & @hiddenplace- thank you so much, class=“card rounded” worked perfectly with border-radius

glad that i help, please see more in their documentation there are lots that we miss in that area…

put style tag on your div and use below css

div class="card’ style=“border-radius: 5px 5px 5px 5px;”


use only one time 5px it will apply on all corner or if you want different corner radius use all 4

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