How to create registrations and login form in angular js for ionic

I am a newbie developing app with ionic can some please point me to a
tutorial that will teach me how to create registrations and login form in angular js for ionic app and how to conditional routing . I have been on this for two days now please some one help.


angular.module(‘starter.controllers’, [])

.controller(‘AppCtrl’, function($scope, $ionicModal, $timeout) {

// With the new view caching in Ionic, Controllers are only called
// when they are recreated or on app start, instead of every page change.
// To listen for when this page is active (for example, to refresh data),
// listen for the $ionicView.enter event:
//$scope.$on(’$ionicView.enter’, function(e) {


.controller(‘LoginCtrl’, function($scope, LoginService, $ionicPopup, $state) {
$ = {};

$scope.login = function() {
    LoginService.loginUser($, $ {
    }).error(function(data) {
        var alertPopup = $ionicPopup.alert({
            title: 'Login failed!',
            template: 'Please check your credentials!'


.controller(‘RegistreerCtrl’, function($scope, $stateParams) {


.controller(‘ForgotpasswordCtrl’, function($scope, $stateParams) {


.controller(‘DashboardCtrl’, function($scope, $stateParams) {


Registreer View

<label class="item item-input item-select">
<div class="input-label">


  <option selected>Meneer</option>

<div class="list">
Voornaam Achternaam Uw e-mail Adres Uw wachtwoord Uw bevestig wachtwoord Uw(mobiel) telefoonnummer Uw adres + huisnummer Uw postcode(1234AB) Uw woonplaats Verstuur

Login View

Username Password Log in
<div class="padding">
<a href="#/app/registreer" style="text-decoration: none;"><button class="button button-block  button-positive">Registeer hier</button></a>

  <a href="#/app/forgotpassword" style="text-decoration: none;"><button class="button button-block button-positive">Password Vergeten?</button></a>