How to create number scanner?

How to create number scanner?

more infos can help people understandig.

So my crystal ball say, install camera plugin, make picture, use ocr library.

Is this a helpful hint? I do not know, because of lack of infos.

Best regards, anna

Please precise your question @Cypher18

Do you need to create, or scan a QR code? In what situation?
I think for the most part Anna answered you. Check out native QR plugin below (native is officially supported).

Thanks for reply @anna_liebt and @FrancoisIonic.

I want to read number with camera and to change text.
But not Card IO.


first, I don’t know what is meaned with not Card IO. Sorry for my bad knowledge.

Maybe will help you.

Best regards, anna

ahhh: I think you don’t want the picture from a storage card like sd card.

Thanks @anna_liebt

And Card IO is here