How to create multi-column layout on desktop, paged on mobile

I’m just about to start my first ionic app with vue. Never used ionic before and I’m pretty new to vue but otherwise an experienced dev.

Anyway, the app I’m building needs to have multiple columns showing on desktop as user selects options but on mobile it should show these as one page at a time. I’m wondering if it’s possible to achieve this with ionic and how I might best go about that. Here’s how it should look on desktop:

So first an option would be chosen from the first column, which would then display/enable the middle column and finally the right column once a middle column choice had been made.

On mobile it should show the left-most column as a page first, then when a choice has been made the middle column would show and finally the right most column. So this would be the first screen to be shown:

What would be the best approach here?


This is easily possible. If you are looking for someone to build this for you, private message me and we can discuss.

I’m looking to build this myself and wanted some pointers on how to go about this, if you’re able to help with that?