How to create login page using ionic?



I am new to Ionic framework and I am currently working on login page using Ionic framework with using MySQL database and return the data from it as JSON using PHP.

But when I run the code, the $http does not send the values and it throws the error.


Look no further than Andrew McGivery blog article:

Look for the chapter: Authentication, there you’ll find 6 distinct tutorials



In that site, they didn’t gave the example for login and validating the username and password from the mysql db.

this is my controller

$scope.selva = function(loginData) {

.success(function(data) {
var alertPopup = $ionicPopup.alert({
title: ‘Success’,
template: ‘You are ON’
alertPopup.then(function(res) {

// $scope.state.go(‘home’);

when i enter the url it return the message correctly but when i enter into the controller.js as above, it throws the exception.

Thanks in advance
Selvaraj C


Your’re using a POST method and you pass parameters in query string (as in a GET), I don’t know how you PHP code works but it’s not consistent anyway.



Thanks for the reply.

Could you provide the sample code on how to pass the data when we are using post method?

Selvaraj C


Search in the forum, a member just posted a link to a blog using $http or $resource or read angular docs.


Other things you should consider is to read about CORS and use https for your server.