How to create ionic 4/5 capacitor browser without header bar?


I want to make a capacitor browser (formerly inappbrowser) without header bar.

Don’t see it in the api.

How to do it? - my bad

Is this not the documentation for it, I might be wrong?.. :thinking::thought_balloon:
What is your question exactly, are you looking for a headless browser driver?
Or is it just to remove the header with url? :tada:


it shows the url navigation. in the inappbrowser there was possibility to hide this.

openWebpage(url: string) {
    const options: InAppBrowserOptions = {
      zoom: 'no',
      location: 'no',
      toolbar: 'no'
    const browser = this.inAppBrowser.create('','_self','toolbar=no');

I do believe it’s possible, i found a article about a customization of the InAppBrowserOptions :face_with_monocle:

10x, I will try.
But it is not inappbrowser in cordova.

Its Browser of capaciator.

I will try first thing when I will start testing tommorow.

Cool, there is a few other options to try out as well :upside_down_face:

      zoom: 'no',
      fullscreen: "yes",
      hidenavigationbuttons: "no",
      hideurlbar: 'yes'

Have you seen the link:

The api there does not have these options.
So that’s why I asked the question

I changed it to the right

But I use capacitor, without cordova.
I need capacitor solution.

Well is it for Android or iOS, because SFSafariViewController doesn’t let you remove the native controls - such as navigation, and the done button?

Hi: Android only. ios isn’t my target right at all

So you can’t just edit interface options or modify the AndroidManifest.xml?

How to do that? is there a guide to that? It should be listed in the capacitor browser page.

You might be right, as you wrote youself…

It’s not listed in the docs for “Capacitor Browser API” - it seems odd.
But the only way to change those settings is by using cordova InAppBrowser :frowning:

To who to notify this?