How to create image zoom (pinch) with ionic 2?


please someone tell me how to zooming image (pinch) with ionic 2 …
I not found the tutorial on offical docs. I was try slides with zoom attribute and scroll tag but not working


I am also trying the same but it’s not working

<ion-slides (ionSlideWillChange)="slideChanged()" speed="100" zoom >
    <ion-slide  *ngFor="let image of imageArray">
            <img [src]="image"> //rending from a blob SafeURL

As given in document I tries using zoom input but it’s not working.
Also tried ion-scroll but no help as asked by OP of thread.

Any input would be helpful. Thanks.

I am on latest ionic 3.4.x and Angular 4.0.0


If you’re on ionic 3.4 you have some sort of magic version :wink: zoom functionality is somewhat supported, but doesn’t work properly yet as far as I know.


That’s what my package.json says: @ionic-native-core: 3.4.2

No zoom is sort of bummer. I am creating gallery kind of application and it’s really needed


ionic-angular is your version of the framework. Ionic-native is for the plugins (native functionality). Feel free to make a nice zooming functionality, please share it with us when you’re ready :slight_smile:


Any Solution on this?