How to create Dynamic side menu

i want dynamic side menu with extendable code in app.component.ts please any one provide me sample example code in app.component.ts.

What changed since Get side menu items from json?

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there my doubt is not clarified. I am new to this so this I opened asking for a sample code

Thank you very much sujan i got the dynamic side menu …:joy:

Sujan, I have doubt i got menu but see below

name 1.2
like that i mean subcategories how to get that.

New problem, new thread please.
(Please include exactly what you want to achieve and what you already have in there again)

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sujan i have done menu items dynamically now i want subcategories for existing menu list …any additional code add here if i want subcategory, what to do

data => {
//alert("result: " + data.result);

    this.newsdata = data.result;
    console.log("success: " + this.newsdata);
    //Cannot read property 'children' of undefined

I repeat: New problem, new thread please.

Do not direct the new thread at me, but at all people at the forum.
Include code, but make sure it is formatted in a readable way.
Describe what you already have to someone who didn’t follow all your previous posts - describe everything.

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