How to create a persistent lateral menu?

Hey there,

Can someone explain me how to create a persistant lateral menu? it looks easy but the documentation tell me to:
"To make a menu persistent set persistent to true on the "
But doesnt explain how to do so.

Thanks in advance.

Well, you left out the important part, which says:

on the <ion-menu> element

So you have an <ion-menu> element somewhere (probably in app.template.html). Add a persistent attribute to it.

sorry it was a mistake copypasting.

It works for a ion-side-menu?

Doubtful. I don’t believe that element exists in the current version of Ionic described in that documentation.

If you’re using Ionic 3, you also have the SplitPane component, but it will only display the left side menu on quite large sizes (aka Landscape). Worth to check it though.