How to convert file.mp3 to base64?

I am using media plugin to record an audio and after recording I was trying to upload the file.mp3 in firebase storage, but seems like i need to convert the file.mp3 to base64 first so i did like this:

constructor(private media: Media,private base64: Base64) {

this.file ='file.mp3');



then using base64 i was trying to convert the file.mp3 at this point it says "MediaObject cannot be assigned to string:

let filePath: string = 'this.file.mp3';       //file:///... ->official document is like this
this.base64.encodeFile(filePath).then((base64File: string) => {
}, (err) => {

Hi, @mikethetechy, I have the same problem trying to upload mp3 files to firebase, did you manage to solve it?
Thank you