How to convert base64 image to blob image in ionic?

i upload the image with cordova camera plugin and i want to convert the base64 image to blob image for saving in my sqllite database.
thanks for advance

There are multiple solutions to this problem already posted on Stack Overflow. Just Google convert base64 to blob and choose the one you like.

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the following function doesn’t work on ionic 2.

function dataURItoBlob(dataURI, callback) {
// convert base64 to raw binary data held in a string
// doesn’t handle URLEncoded DataURIs - see SO answer #6850276 for code that does this
var byteString = atob(dataURI.split(’,’)[1]);

// separate out the mime component
var mimeString = dataURI.split(',')[0].split(':')[1].split(';')[0]

// write the bytes of the string to an ArrayBuffer
var ab = new ArrayBuffer(byteString.length);
var ia = new Uint8Array(ab);
for (var i = 0; i < byteString.length; i++) {
    ia[i] = byteString.charCodeAt(i);

// write the ArrayBuffer to a blob, and you're done
var bb = new BlobBuilder();
return bb.getBlob(mimeString);


Multiple solution and not only one is working for ionic. This is real terrible. I hate the day i started using ionic.
This forum even do not help. Day are passed even the ionic team do not come to help.
Ioninc is waste of time.

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