How to combine ion-item with ion-option-button and ion-radio?

We’d like to allow user to select an option (implemented with ion-radio) as well as to edit/delete it (implemented with ion-item and ion-option-box). Unfortunately it seems that ion-item and ion-radio are incompatible each other.
Playing with styles and html elements, it’s possible to make everything looking like expected, but functionality is broken. It works either like radio or like item with options, but not in the both ways.
Has anybody solved this already?

You might want to check out this topic:

You could show the options with a button in this way, and make the ionic radio work normally… I hope :wink: Might give you an idea at the very least.

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The directive look awesome. Thank you. It is going to be a crazy mix of directives, styles and elements, but might work.
I rather interest in something like ion-radio-item… So, all styles, handlers, etc match each other out of a box.

I would vote for that, but you should file an issue on the git with a request for change then :slight_smile: