How to clear selection of check boxes when reset button is clicked

Hi I need to reset all check box selections on button click. I have a dynamic list with check boxes. How can I perform this in typescript. Please kindly help me if you know the solution. below is my code

<button (click)=“closeModal()” class=“close”>

{{ 'product_filter.category' | translate }}
{{ cate }}
<h6>{{ 'product_filter.stock' | translate }}</h6>

0<ion-checkbox class=“itemCheck” slot=“start” (ionChange)=“selectStock(‘0’, $event)”>
1<ion-checkbox class=“itemCheck” slot=“start” (ionChange)=“selectStock(‘1’, $event)”>
2<ion-checkbox class=“itemCheck” slot=“start” (ionChange)=“selectStock(‘2’, $event)”>

<button class=“done” (click)=“filterProduct()” [disabled]="!isenabled">Apply
<button class=“reset” (click)=“resetModal()” [disabled]="!isenabled">Reset

One of the ways is probably by getting the HTML DOM attributes and then set the checked attributes as false