How to check internet speed?

I have social photos app, feed with photos is the home page.
I want to know if the user have high speed internet so i can show him high quality photos, or if not so low quality.
How should i do that check?

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Any anwsers? I tried to find some information on google without success

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Did you find any solution? I’m stuck here

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THere is a native plugin to check network type but that is not a good estimate

I would try timing the load speed of an image using onload etc event handlers. A javascript solution.




In my case, web service response is very slow due to low connection so data is not loading properly. I’m not liking to prefer core js solution. It would be great if I can get solution in ionic1

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No ionic thing I believe.

More Javascript.

Or a package like

(no experience) - Google is your best friend.

Or wait until the browsers have an API.



i don’t know much about it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Take a look to this cordova plugin:

Hi, I was looking for similar problems and want to check if someone in the group has been able to find ways to calculate Internet Speed of users…

I would like to know if its possible to detect and calculate the Internet Speed of users when they have Ionic/Angular app.

Many thanks and I look forward to hear from the experts…