How to change the tab page?

Hi, I’ve created a Tab Page with the following tabs pages :


<ion-tab [root]=“searchrequest” tabIcon=“search” tabindex=“0” [tabsHideOnSubPages]=“true”>
<ion-tab [root]=“community” tabIcon=“chatboxes” tabindex=“1” [tabsHideOnSubPages]=“true”>
<ion-tab [root]=“newrequest” tabIcon=“add-circle” tabindex=“2” [tabsHideOnSubPages]=“true” >
<ion-tab [root]=“userprofile” tabIcon=“person” tabindex=“3” [tabsHideOnSubPages]=“true”>

I set the pages references in the TS file of the Tab Page :

newrequest = NewrequestPage;
userprofile = UserprofilePage;
community = CommunityPage;
searchrequest = SearchrequestPage;

is it possible to change one of those pages ?
like : newrequest = OtherPage ;

This is possible yes!
But you have to work with providers. :grin:

I just did that yesterday I am still fixing some minor bugs. Then I will write a whole tutorial about it since I’ve seen to many people struggling with the Tabbar. :bird::blush:

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Can you please post a link to your tutorial ?

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