How to change StatusBar text color not background


I want to change the statusbar text color not just the background. When I use statusBar.backgroundColorByHexString("#f7f7f7"); the status bar background is changed successfully however the font is soo light that I can barely see it, how do I control the exact font color of the status bar text in Ionic 2 or 3?

There are numerous questions on this but the answers say you should just use the statusBar.backgroundColorByHexString();. However they dont solve the issue of changing just the text color not the background… any ideas?


Hey! did you find a solution?


$toolbar-md-title-text-color: white;

Add this line in your Theme->variables.scss


problem solved :smile:


Hi! Do you find a solution, I have the same problem… I have a white status bar but the font color text stay white so I can’t even see the status bar! How can we get a white status bar with black font text…


in myapp class constructor