How to call the data in page.html

Hi guys can you help me on how to call this type of JSON data in HTML ?

here’s my JSON data in my read.php


and this is my main.html ,

    .then(data => {
     this.fileData = data;

How can i call it in my main.html ?

i use this code ,

<ion-content padding>
     <a *ngFor="let file of fileData">

and im getting error…
please help me

Should be:

     <a *ngFor="let file of fileData">

Hi sigmundFroyd , thanks for quick reply , i use your code but my main.html is blank ,

How can i display the data in my main.html ?

What does your console output?


This my console , Im trying to load the json data from my php .
but I can’t load it… please help me how to fix this.

404 error is server side

So your php script/server is not giving you results

Tommertom , how can i fix this ? can you give me sample tutorial or article that can solve my problem… i tried a lot but nothings work

Its a problem at your server not ionic.

So u need to fix the server

What r u running as server?

And read on templates

Thanks for helping me guys ’ i made it now ! :slight_smile: