How to calculate the value of the colors 'shade' and 'tint'

Good morning everyone and thanks for answering, I am using Ionic 4 and I know that the way to declare new colors is different from Ionic 3, and I also know that there is an online color generator for this purpose. This tool is good but I would like to improve this by creating a better one. my question is how I calculate the colors ‘shade’ and ‘tint’.

.ion-color-orange {
  --ion-color-base: #F0B50C;
  --ion-color-base-rgb: 240,181,12;
  --ion-color-contrast: #000000;
  --ion-color-contrast-rgb: 0,0,0;
  --ion-color-shade: #d39f0b; /*How can I calculate this color?*/
  --ion-color-tint: #f2bc24;  /*How can I calculate this color?*/

@alain23 using ionic color generator, just give the color-base a color then it will automatically generator the rest for you, follow this link

Did you ever find an answer to this? I’m looking for the same thing.

Not, but probably it can be a solution: