How to build for APK

It seems like there no good documentation on how to build the app
Can anyone point out or can someone give guide on how to build the app?

Already installed JDK16, before it was JDK17 but Im having issues when building
I can spend time downgrading the JDK version but while doing it I might get some help from you guys

While running ionic capacitor copy android --prod && cd android && ./gradlew assembleRelease && cd .. I got error zsh: no such file or directory: ./gradlew on JDK16

On JDK17 I got this error when building Task :app:processReleaseMainManifest FAILED


Yes there is. Have you even bothered looking?

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Already fix my issue,
Gotta use JDK16 and let the android studio install Gradle
As of now my adnroid studio uses gradle@7.0.2

Thanks guys!