How to avoid iOS video compression with Cordova camera

Hello all,

I have a question how to get a file path from library faster. I assume I have a video file 17MB after use a plugin I access mobile device success but when I chose it then i waiting 5 minute

My expect to get a file path faster after choose button. How to do that ? By the way I have a video gif describe

Below my code

let options = {
                targetWidth: this._setting.width,
                targetHeight: this._setting.height,
                quality: this._setting.quality,
                sourceType: this.Camera.PictureSourceType.PHOTOLIBRARY,
                destinationType: this.Camera.DestinationType.FILE_URI,
                maximumImagesCount: 1,
                mediaType: this.Camera.MediaType.ALLMEDIA

            this.Camera.getPicture(options).then((file) => {
                if ('android')) {
                    file = 'file://' + file;

            }, (err) => {

It maybe like that

@duythien did you find the solution? I am trying to find a plugin that allows to pick video/pictures from the library without compression. Any advice?