How to align this part in most-bottom like a footer

I’m developing this app for a business - then
the design is very important/sensitive

this is a side menu - how to position this highlighted part in most-bottom like a footer
I tried to put some custom CSS like (margin-top:30%) for example
but this 30% should be variable from device to anther one
how to solve this case?

Why not put it in a footer?

You could also look at using Flexbox to position your elements. Visit CSS-tricks to learn more about that CSS property if you are not familiar with it. It is used under the hood of Ionic.

Otherwise, look at using position: absolute or fixed and set the location values.

ionic footer tag exists only in Ionic 1
I tried many CSS properties and tricks - for example changing the position to absolute or fixed will damage the whole design


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Thanks - I just saw it in ionic 1
they may added it recently
anyway - the problem solved

It is ‘hidden’ within Toolbar. It has always been there.

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