How to add Tailwind CSS to Vue Ionic

it’s posible to add Tailwind CSS to Vue ionic

i too would like to know how best to do this.

So far I’ve tried with vue-cli-plugin-tailwind but that broke some styles in ionic (buttons went blank).

i am going to try manually now, but if anyone has a solution, please chime in

what are you trying to accomplish? why don’t you just create your application using Tailwind CSS and add capacitor to it? Not sure what you mean by “adding Tailwind CSS to Ionic”?

I just installed manually, but ideally tailwind is part of the vue ionic build system and takes advantage of postcss and purging)

to install manually i simply downloaded the full css file and put into src/assets/css/ as tailwind.css
then added to main.ts with an import '@/assets/css/tailwind.min.css'