How to add multi-line in heading using "view-title" in ionic project?

How can i add multiple line heading(2 lines) in my header …??

My code likewise :

<ion-view view-title="{{ }}">

like SubHeading…

view-title accepts text only string content . if you set any html string content to view-title attribute , it will display that as string content e.g view-title ="< h5>{{ }}<br>subheader</h5>.

Also you can use <ion-nav-title> for rich html title with image.

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Thanx @saravananraju,
but it Doesn’t work…

it is working for me …pls refer the attached screenshot.

looks like title accommodates only two lines of information with the default styles.

ohh yess…
it’s works @saravananraju:smiley:
Thanks for solution :thumbsup: