How to add 'like' button to feed

Hello friends,
I’m junior developer in ionic and I do maintenance for existing app.
I want to add ‘like’ button like in facebook to feed in my app - are there any example how I can do it easly?
I use ionic v1.



You can do that by adding a like button on the template and then add some logic in the controller.

for example assuming you have ng-repeat:

<div ng-repeat="item in array">
`<button ng-click="likeMe($index)" ng-class="{'liked':item['liked']}">like</button>`

Also you can add hide show or add class to a different icon, it depends on the project.
in controller:

$scope.likeMe = (idx)=>{

//make http call request to server and add/increase likes for that topic or whatever.
//when the response back is successful then update the property on that button.
   service.addLike(topicId, someValue, userId).then((isDone) => {
     if (isDone) {
       $scope.array[idx]['liked'] = true;
     } else {
       // something is off.
   }, error = () => {



Then in style.css add the some style to make the button looks like it was clicked or you can disable the button by ng-disabled or do what ever the project requires.