How to add Geo-fence-plugin?


Hi IONIC users,

I am unable to add Geofence plugin. How to use that functionality?


Is it possible to create geofencing in ionic app

You can try by it:


Hmm.just now I found it. Anyways Thank you. Started working on that :smile:


@mhartington @nicraboy @brandyshea I installed Corodva-Geofence-plugin.Can you tell me How to write code for that? Iam not able to find proper links. Please help me.



@motiurion attached two links with code examples. The first link he posted has an example project on github at the end of it:

Try to implement it based on these examples and if you can’t get it to work then post your code for help.


Hi @brandyshea

The link you provided is related to Leaflet-Map. But Whatever the methods available in plugin I am not able to bind to Google Map. Can you Provide sample example using Google Maps and Methods(IONIC Geo-fence Plugin).Please Help me.

I implemented using Google API code. for ex: when user in particular region or circle it is showing alert(Your in search Area),When user getting away from circle it is showing alert(Your not in search area).