How to add button inside scanning page of Barcode Scanner?

Barcode Scanner add button inside scanning page

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Is this a picture of your app how it looks like now or what it should look like?
What “Barcode Scanner” are you referring to?

Now, auto scanning page looks like

i want to add button in this scanning page.:grinning:

Then you have the code that produces this view. But you still didn’t mention which plugin or library you are using to do that.

I used all code,

$ ionic cordova plugin add phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner
$ npm install --save @ionic-native/barcode-scanner

<button ion-button round outline (click)=“scanQR()”>QR Code Scanner

public scanQR() {
this.buttonText = “Loading…”;
this.loading = true;
this.options = {
formats: “QR_CODE”,
//prompt : “Place the code in the center of the square.”+ “\n”+ " It will be scanned automatically",
this._barcodeScanner.scan(this.options).then((barcodeData) => {

  if (barcodeData.cancelled) {
    console.log("User cancelled the action!");
    this.buttonText = "Scan";
    this.loading = false;
    return false;
  console.log("Scanned successfully!");
  this.scannedText = barcodeData.text;

  this.navCtrl.push(ScanQrDetailPage, {
    data: this.scannedText

}, (err) => {



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Ok so you are talking about (I fixed your topic category to the correct one)

That uses the Cordova plugin in the background. You can see there this only has some minor customization options.

To add a button you would probably have to fork the plugin and edit the native code for iOS and Android.

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did you find the way to do it mate? ı am looking for the exactly same thing, a back button (modal close button) on this barcode page view