How to add an npm of AngularJS 1.x into Ionic 2 project?

So I’ve read the article:

But the code of the NPM module in those examples are using the require() and module.exports.
But see this npm pkg I’ve created for example:

Will that work in the same way ?
Because I"m not exporting anything there …

Not going to happen. AngularJS (Angular 1) is completely incompatible with the current version of Angular. The module packaging method is the least of your problems.

So all the NPM modules I know are incompatible ???
so I need to create another NPM pkg suitable for Angular2 ? that’s what you’re saying ? :open_mouth:

I don’t know what NPM modules you know, so I can’t answer that.

OK, so it took me a while, but I wrote another one - for version 2

Now I’m trying to include that in my project …