How to achieve nested components in ionic 3

hi , I have a component (news feed) which consists of posts , each post has avatar + title + img + text (card-content) + likes + comments.

I am trying to have the post itself on a component (child component) and the component news feed as parent (where it lists the child component) I couldn’t put all in one component because the likes and comments part get complicated.

I looked around for examples on how to do this in ionic 2/3 but I can’t find anything to start with.
a simple example would help , thanx

The hero-detail tutorial in the Angular docs should be what you are looking for.

You mention Ionic 3. I have a fairly similar app, and it was not a big fan of lazy page loading, so I advise you to steer clear of that feature for now.

I would love to do that…but the thing is the loading time… I can’t get to reduce the loading time… unless if something has changed in ionic2 since ionic 3 came out…then I haven’t followed up yet, but the idea that I have to keep staring at the splash screen for more than 6 seconds when the app still hasn’t reached 50% of its development life line, is ridiculous…Im not really sure what to do

Obviously YMMV, but I saw no improvement in loading time with lazy page loading, and my app package ballooned by about 40% due to duplication of component code in each page module that used a given component.