How to access my mysql database from ionic app


I am new to mobile development. I am most familiar with web development. i plan to create a web application in java (spring framework) and mobile application for my next project. the purpose of the mobile app is to input data and receive data from database. i learned a bit about API. but if i need to use API i want to change my backed of the mobile app to java or i can use it as java script.



You need to build an API in Java (or with an another language), It’s the best way to handle communication between your DB and the Ionic App.

IonicApp <–> API <–> Mysql


Thank you for your replay. yeah i plan to use an API in JAVA to communicate with my DB


If someone have a tutorial to do this with Codeigniter. Please help.


Is it possible to create an app in ionic framework and build it as an Android app using Phonegap Build feature