How to access files from customer's network path by ionic?

I need to access files in customer’s network path.I have only their network path like \{FolderName}{SubFolder}{file}. I can connect this path in my run command by connected vpn of them.I am working in ionic framework. I tried some ajax call and http call with that path. Can anyone please tell me how to access the path and what should i do in mobile app…

Can you elaborate more on what you mean by “network path”?

@rapropos Thanks for ur reply. Actually my customer is storing their files (pdf,images) in their local system server not in public server…for their employees they can access those files directly from that server since they are in inside of office…for others if want to access that files means they will need to install vpn…for example the path is like \\JdeEdwards\Images\C_001234.pdf…we installed their vpn in our windows system. we tried to access this remote server path in our windows system run command .it asked user crendtials. after submitting the credntials it opened thier file paths in file explorer in our windows machine …now we need to access this files in mobile end in javascript or ionic…i dont know how to call this remote server path directly in our my code also i dont know in which method i should use this like api call or some other method.

Please help me on this @rapropos give me some idea about this.


Sorry, but I don’t understand a single thing you wrote in your post. Keep in mind that the last time I used Windows was 1987.

Just to add my two cents. As a disclaimer, I have only been using Ionic for six or so months and am new to native development. However, in general, Ionic is web based and anything web based (in a browser) cannot access local/network files directly. A user has to select them with a normal input element. This is a standard security measure that browsers implement in order to protect the user.

Now in regards to using a native Capacitor/Cordova plugin, it might be possible but that is outside of my wheelhouse not being familiar yet what all Android/iOS allow you to do. My guess is that you cannot access a Window’s share (network path) considering neither Android or iOS are Windows based.