How to access assets path in android?


I want to open image and pdf from assets folder (file:///android_asset/ ) in ionic android app. How can i access ???



Hello All,
Now, I am able to access image which is in file:///android_asset/www/ using …“file:///android_asset/www/xyz.png”, ‘_blank’, “”); . I also want to open pdf. i am not able to do that…
Please help me…


@shashikant I am using:$scope.fullPath, ‘_system’, ‘location=no’);

working for me! It’ll open application installed on your mobile, i use to open all file pfd, excel, .doc, image,…


Can you tell me???
In $scope.fullPath what path will come ???


Hi Shashikant,
Are you trying to access android asset folder using remote url???

i mean in my case i am loading my ionic website remote url (http://…) using web view but wants to load js and css file from andriod asset folder …Did you get any success on this…

using file:///android_asset/app.js like that…please reply if any one have idea…


Hi Chakerveer,

You can load the js and css from the asset folder using cordova functionality.

First you need to install above plugin then use Methods of inappbrowser.