How should we handle iOS "usage description" strings for other languages?

I’m currently building a new Ionic 4 / Angular 8 app to replace one of our old jQM hybrid app, along with using ngx-translate to handle internationalisation. However there’s one aspect of the i18n side that I can’t quite figure out: the iOS permission request “usage description” strings are defined as strings in the project’s package.json file…

Beyond knowing that these strings are key/value pairs that are used when generating the native iOS project, I actually have no idea how they’re handled… I’m not an Apple guy, so I’m not familiar with the folder structure of an iOS project or how/where these usage descriptions end up in the app.

Is there any way to have these usage description strings in multiple languages…? I would think something like this would be the simplest:

"cordova-plugin-ble-central": {
    "en": ".....",
    "de": "....."

I highly doubt this is currently supported, but I can’t find any information on how to handle this. Am I missing something in the Ionic or Cordova docs on this point?

For anyone else who comes across this post: I did some digging into this over the weekend and discovered a plugin called cordova-plugin-localization-strings, which is designed specifically to handle the localization of both application name and iOS usage description strings.