How ionic app work


What is root element of ionic? How ionic come to know where to start and ? (For example if any one of you work in android studio there we have to define in Manifest File Launcher Activity and default activity and other activity too) .
Please some one explain the architecture of ionic and workflow

Thank you


I would consider app.module.ts your build.gradles of Ionic. This is where you centralize your external imports.

I’d say loosely your Launcher Activity is wherever app.component.ts takes you next.
though app.component.ts is literally where the app launches, it’s often used as a stop gap to do things like checking if an authorized user is already registered (Send to HomePage) or not (Send to LoginPage).

Wherever you land after app.component.ts is, in my opinion, the closest thing to your Studio Main Activity (Or navigation hub)

You can consider navParams as Intent lite type of objects. Providers are your main source of data dispersion and data return. You can also think of providers as Content Providers, with the ability to take on characteristics of Broadcast Recievers / Broadcast Services. But way less complicated and more manageable.

Interfaces in Typescript are not quite like Java / Android interfaces. Where Java interfaces have action properties, TS interfaces have, well, property properties.
Typical TS Interface

export interface User {
  name: string,
  userId: string,
  date_joined: number,
  is_online: booean

Also, implementing interfaces via classes / extending classes is not typical. Nor is it really necessary. The ability is there which makes it deceptively similar to Java, but it’s not the same thing. Not much point there.

Polymorphism isn’t even a concept i’ve considered implimenting with TS and Ionic, if you even can. It’s not necessary regardless.

If you were looking for a more fundamental, MVC type rundown, you can find them pretty easily on the forum or just googling.