How I can set another Page as my Default Page in Ionic?

I’m Building a pocketReferrence App ,I made a 2 html page with lock icon but different , when I click the button it will navigate to another page and will set it to default…I’m Having a problem how can I do this in my app using ionic , can you Help me , Thanks.

I hope you have a previous AnularJS knowledge.

From what I can see you have a list view. Hopefully, this listview is build using JSON data, also I hope lock symbol state is part of that JSON. If not add it as such.

Once you click on a PlayTest just change lock state of that list element (change JSON value of that state) and Angular will automatically change lock state.

Uhm, my listview is not build by JSON data , I used normal text in ion item,
I’m still learning AngularJS but I understand it a little bit ,
Can You give me a sample code for that ? Thanks for the help .

Don’t get me wrong but my answer is no. I simply don’t have time to do that. I mean this is Angular basics, just play with it until you make it work.

Ok , maybe I’ll just find it in google, by the way thanks for the time replying in my post .

store the latest “test”-step in the localstorage.
if you reopen that state --> check that localstorage key and do a redirect.

@bengtler uhm… I’m not still yet familiar with the localstorage , can you give some example in using this local storage ? thanks . :relaxed:

i am using this plugin as a wrapper:

but the locastorage functionality is set on the window object:

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bengtler , do you have some sample in deleting history and saving as default page ? in using localstorage ?