How i can change color to ionicPopup?

I want to know how I can change the color settings ionicPopup.

What specific part of ionicPopup?

You can pass a class to the popup using cssClass and then override any properties. For example:

var alertPopup = $ionicPopup.alert({
  title: "Don't eat that!",
  template: "It might taste good",
  okText: "I won't",
  okType: "button-balanced",
  cssClass: 'my-alert'

Then you could override the header (for example) using the following css:

.my-alert .popup-head {
  background-color: #7F00FF;

.my-alert .popup-head h3 {
  color: white;

Or if you just want to change the button color, for this specific popup, you would modify the okType, explained more in the docs.

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