How get selected value from dropdown menu

This is my Html code here.

      <ion-select [(ngModel)]="filtermonthwise" interface="action-sheet" (ionChange)="monthfilter(filtermonthwise);">
        <ion-option value="1">January</ion-option>
        <ion-option value="2">February</ion-option>
        <ion-option value="3">March</ion-option>
        <ion-option value="4">April</ion-option>
        <ion-option value="5">May</ion-option>
        <ion-option value="6">June</ion-option>
        <ion-option value="7">July</ion-option>
        <ion-option value="8">August </ion-option>
        <ion-option value="9">September</ion-option>
        <ion-option value="10">October </ion-option>
        <ion-option value="11">November </ion-option>
        <ion-option value="12">December </ion-option>


Below my ts file function;

console.log(filtermonthwise) ;//show nothing 

filtermonthwise value is not showing how can i fix that

add a class variable

export class TesttPage {
filtermonthwise: any;  //<- equals [(ngModel)]="filtermonthwise" in html;


monthfilter() {



actually i want to filter value month wish how can i do that?

Iā€™m so confused, I click on April and it returns 4, humm the 4th month of the year is april ???

yes.4th month of the year is april

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