How does Twitter mobile hide the address url on safari iphone

I tried to do it with:
<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">
but not working.


no idea neither, have you try your luck on stackoverflow maybe?

just a thought about this and PWA, I think, if I remember correctly, per default, the first time the user access the PWA, he/she sees the address url but afterwards when the app is use again, the user doesn’t see the bar anymore

thx reedrichards.
I also raised the question on stackoverflow but no answer yet.


hope someone will find a solution, sounds cool

You might want to look into a property named “fixedInViewport”. That, combined with navigation container settings is potentially how it is done (this is coming from a vague memory, so that statement has about a 50% level of certainty behind it)

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thx jaydz for your reply

what you are talkin about hide address url, for me safari just change the text size of url but steel showing [LOCK] :thinking:

There’s a bit more that just the first line.

Apple has some docs on the topic here

Note, they’re kind of old and will soon be out of date as iOS is adding support for web app manifest.

@mhartington Thanks a lot for your help mike.
Can’t wait for ios 11.30.

I’d like to say thank you again for giving us the wonderful ionic framework!

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