How does ionic push work, when token is changed

As I know, the register id (token) that we use to send push by GCM changes in some period of time. How ionic handle this?

That’s why you register for a token on every app start. If the token changes, it is updated/changed.

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But if user doesn’t open the app, it wouldn’t update. I asked the native developers, they told they write some services that runs even the user doesn’t open the app. Any idea?

What happens in the backend of Ionic Push only Ionic people can answer:
(Scroll down to “Business and Customer Support”)

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(Which doesn’t mean that I am not interested in learning how this actually works - I hadn’t thought about that problem yet. Maybe all the push providers take care of that communication with Apple and Google?)

I haven’t confronted with this problem too (Of course, maybe token will expire in some days). Only one of my friends that develops native apps told me about this.

Now waiting for ionic team to reply to the ticket.