How do you rename files without a billion errors?



What if I created a new page in my application, but I spelled the word for the page wrong.
For example if I write in the CLI:

ionic g pages/tbaPage

but what I wanted was:

ionic g pages/tabPage

Now, if I go ahead and rename the files manually, I will get the following error:

[ng] ERROR in ./src/app/pages/
[ng] Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './' in 'C:\Dev\myApplication\src\app\pages'

AND, I also get an error in my, where I get an error on the import, like this:

import { TabPagePage } from './';

[ts] Module '"c:/Dev/myApplication/src/app/pages/"' has no exported member 'TabPagePage'. [2305]

This can impossibly never had happen to anyone but me, yet NO valuable information or tutorial on this can be found.

Can the hero I need step forward? Haha :slight_smile:

All the best


it’s easier to just create a new page and delete the old one. You could also search and replace every occurence of page name.

But the error you get means that somewhere in your file, is exported ‘TbaPagePage’, not ‘TabPagePage’.


It seems like this is something that needs to be fixed, because it’s very inefficient :confused:


Managed to solve it anyway! :slight_smile: