How do you organize your larger scale apps?

Some of you are aware, I’m trying to build a modular PWA with possible native ports. I read about different approaches but I’m not clear on organizing pages. Ionic/Angular’s (for me) new routing supports leveled routing but this makes the organization very distributed. Let me ask with an example:


-- module1
---- list
------ detail
---- search
------ results


-- module1
---- list
---- list-detail
---- search
---- search-results

For modularity, module1, module2, … should be at the top level routing, but with hierarchical organization with sub pages can get deep resulting in long URLs, distributed routing etc.

-- Company
---- Department1
------ Archives
-------- Documents
---------- :Document
-------- Images
---------- :Image
-------- Videos
---------- :Video

I can see both do work, but I wanted to hear your ideas/expertise…

Thank you in advance…

Core, Feature, Shared Modules. More details can be found here:

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Thank you for answering. I fortunately know these :slight_smile:

My question is about organization of feature modules and their sub modules…