How do I use links to navigate in ionic 2?

I’m not a big fan of the new stack navigation in ionic 2 and was wondering if I can still use links to navigate.

The app seems to run on a single url without ever moving to a different one, so might need to bypass the Ionic routing and use the Angular2 router directly. Why are you not a big fan of the stack navigation, what problems do you have?

I don’t have any problems I just like using links better.

This is the huge problem for me also. My app is going to be a mobile app, but I will also like to use it as an simple web page. So why did Ionic team take that out? I’ve found some Angular2 ionic2 examples, but they didn’t really work.

So for example, I cannot give someone direct link to an article I’ve just read?


But they will always have to navigate. And if we’re building complex apps, this can get really really messy.

I know how you feel. I contacted the ionic team and they said that you cannot use links for navigation in V2. You have to use push/pop navigation for now. I like using links but I like the styling in v2. They might add it but I’m not sure.

Funny thing, old navigation was one of a few things I hated about Ionic. This one feels more natural, especially if you’re transitioning from other mobile frameworks to Ionic.

The first mobile framework I used was ionic so I sort of am attached to links and this is really different for me. I wish that they had ionic 1 navigation and ionic 2 styling/components combined.

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Don’t worry guys… the old URL behavior is coming back to Ionic2 (Confirmed yesterday by Ionic member Mike Hartington on Ionic2 Slack chat over the weekend. It is just not implemented yet due to angular2 routing provider not being finished yet. So yea… noone said anything about ionic2 navigation being worse than ionic1 but the feature to go directly to page X instead of always having to click through to get there.

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Thank God cant wait for it to come so I can start using ionic 2!

Hi, our team is evaluating using ionic 2 for our app development. It will be great if you could let us know the timeline for the URL navigation feature.

@Gajotres It’s hard to develop in the browser. If I am programming a page, ex: /blog/1/edit, with ionic serve every time I has to go click to click to my /blog/1/edit url, because when the browser refresh go to the homepage.


Any updates on this ??

has this been implemented ?

Ionic tem removed this feature in beta7 because Angular 2’ routing is not ready.
Here’s a thread about it:

It seems that now the Router component from Angular is stable and the Ionic team will use it in beta9.