How do i show the ion-option-buttons


Hi all,

I tried to understand from google and codepen how to show the option buttons
As it looks below the edit button is hidden

How can i show it?



it’s easy and simple.

  1. on your html, declare ion-list attribute.

ex) <ion-list class="list" ng-repeat="item in items">
(But, your app doesn’t use ng-repeat, delete ng-repeat value.)

  1. in ion-list, declare ion-item attribute.
    ex) <ion-item class="item">

  2. in ion-item, you can put some text, picture… Make freely :smile:

  3. and, in ion-item, put ion-option-buttons attribute.

ex) <ion-option-buttons class="button button-postive" ng-click="click(item)"> EDIT </ion-option-buttons>

Done! run your html file and slide right in list item, show ion-option-button.

and, here’s full example code.

<ion-list class="list">
<ion item class="item">
<ion-option-button class="button button-costive" click="click(1)">EDIT</ion-option-button>

p.s. sorry to poor english