How do I hide or show content depending on screen size?


Just like Bootstrap, Ionic (Ionic 3) lets us resize the width of a column based on screen size using col-sm-8, col-md-6, col-lg-4. Bootstrap also comes with classes like visible-xs, hidden-sm, etc. that enables us to show or hide content according to the screen size. Does Ionic 3 ship with anything that lets us do the same?


There is no such class or attribute built-in to ionic but we can user angular’s [hidden] attribute with ionic’s platform.width() function to get this done.

in ts file:
public devWidth = this.platform.width();

in html:
<div [hidden]="devWidth > 576">Hello</div>

Hope this helps!


I would suggest looking into SplitPane.


That is proper solution. Thanks!


I was unknown about this feature. Thanks a lot.


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same as I wrote in this post:


I would go with sth. like (add it to your app.scss or any other global scss file):

@each $size, $size-value in $screen-breakpoints {
  .hide-#{$size} {
    @media (min-width: $size-value) {
      display: none;

This will generate CSS classes hide-xs, hide-sm etc.
show-xs etc. is not so easy because you may need display: block, display: inline-block or any other. So I would stick to hiding if possible.

Here is the list of current Ionic $screen-breakpoints:

  xs: 0,
  sm: 576px,
  md: 768px,
  lg: 992px,
  xl: 1200px


I’m trying to make use of these in order to make an ion-row hidden when the screen is too small. How should that be done? Here’s what I’ve tried…

in the app.scss

@each $size, $size-value in $screen-breakpoints {
    .hide-#{$size} {
      @media (min-width: $size-value) {
        display: none;

I have this content added to the home.html page from the standard sidemenu template.

<ion-content padding>
        <ion-row class="hide-xs hide-sm">
                Top Banner
       ... more rows and columns

When this page displays I can find the item in the dom, but it doesn’t appear when the window is any size. Of course it shows just fine if I clear the checkboxes for those classes in the dev tools. Am I supposed to use these classes in cooperation with platform.width?

TIA, Mike


It won’t work that way.
hide-xs will hide content on all screen sizes,
hide-sm on all except xs
hide-md on all except sm and xs etc.
It works like hidden-*-up from

If you would like to hide only on selected screen size (like hidden-* from here is the code:

$breakpoints-keys: map-keys($screen-breakpoints);
$breakpoints-values: map-values($screen-breakpoints);
@for $i from 1 to length($breakpoints-keys)+1 {
  @if $i < length($breakpoints-keys) {
    .hidden-#{nth($breakpoints-keys, $i)} {
      @media (min-width: nth($breakpoints-values, $i)) and (max-width: #{nth($breakpoints-values, $i+1)}) {
        display: none;
  } @else {
    .hidden-#{nth($breakpoints-keys, $i)} {
      @media (min-width: nth($breakpoints-values, $i)) {
        display: none;

In order to check CSS produced visit

Usage example:

<div class="hidden-xs hidden-lg">
Not visible on XS and LG screens, but visible on any other screen sizes

I’ve turn my answer into a blog post where there is further explanation of SCSS code.


Thank you so much! Now I follow much better what was going on. I combined yours with the first one, and a new one with ‘max’ vs. ‘min’, so I have hide--up, hide--down, and hidden-* to use as needed.