How do i get to the destination of this link? Ionic & One Signal


This codes gives me empty page when its open in the app even with the postId in notifcation. Please i want help. Thanks in advance

if(window.plugins && window.plugins.OneSignal){
				var notificationOpenedCallback = function(result){
					// if (jsonData.additionalData) {
					// 	  if (jsonData.additionalData.myappurl)
					// 	      $state.go(jsonData.additionalData.myappurl, {'id': + 
					// 	          jsonData.additionalData.myKey});
					// 	   }

					$state.go('anti_galamsey.news_singles', {"id": "49726"});

i still get empty page even with the right postId…Please any help…


Does this work outside of the context of a notification, like tapping a button e.g.?


No it does not… Even when I try different post category… It’s still
empty… Please any help?


Then you can just debug this problem in a general ionic v1 context and leave push and OneSignal out of it - it is not relevant to your problem.