How do I change off ion radio button default color in ionic?

How can I change default color of Ion-radio, when it’s not checked. I checked the api doc and I saw: “$radio-md-color-off” as property and default value as: darken(&list-md-border-color, 40%). Please how do I use this. I want to change it to my primary color…thanks

apply color css this way to radio button => color: color($colors, primary);

Thanks for the answer hirenkorat3. Didn’t know how to use it though. I found a way.

I put the below code In the variable.scss

After @import “ionic.theme.default”;
$radio-md-color-off: (
darken(#00b863, 0%)

Though it changes the Default!

After all your problem solved.Enjoy the coding :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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